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Landscape Architecture and Design in North Jersey for Inground Swimming Pools – Gunite Pools Landscape Design, New Jersey Landscape Architects

Caribbean Blue Pools and Spas began as a pool and spa architect firm specializing in custom built pools for residential homes in the tri-state area. We have since added landscape design to our service offerings and partnered with the top landscape architects in New Jersey so we can provide you with the most comprehensive custom landscaping services in the area. You can feel confident that your outdoor environment and pool design will have a cohesive look and a unified theme.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

The first thing you need to consider to narrow down your pool ideas is to understand our climate. Tropical plants won’t fare well here, so your dream of lounging next to a garden of tropical flowers may have to go unless you want to replant them year after year. After you consider the climate, take your soil and property into consideration. Is there a lot of shade? No shade? Do you have sandy soil? After you have figured out those important details, the sky is the limit! If you already have a rough sketch of the design, our landscape designers can help bring it to life.  Here are some ideas to get you started and give you some inspiration:


Pool Landscaping Plants

The right plants can turn your pool area into a relaxing oasis. Choosing vividly colored flowers and small perennials in your pool landscape design can add the color you want without the mess that overhanging trees can leave.  Picking plants that won’t drop seeds or leaves into your pool are necessary to keep your pool area clean and inviting, and low-maintenance plants are great if you don’t have a green thumb. Some good plants to incorporate in your pool landscaping design include:

  • Queen Palm Tree
  • Papyrus
  • Hibiscus
  • Daylily
  • Heavenly Bamboo
  • Golden Euonymus
  • Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine
  • Creeping Jenny


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